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What do you Heat fans think of PG Travis Best

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What do you Heat fans think of PG Travis Best?? He can dribble and pass alright but he is short, I doubt the Bulls will re-sign him unless it's for a trade...

would you guys want him, and if Heat were to do a sign an dtrade for him what do you think you would trade for him??
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We would give you Anthony Carter and a 2nd round pick for Travis Best (with only his first year guaranteed)

Carter isn't a great point guard, but he's a solid backup. He doesn't fit the Heat's offense too well, because he can't shoot. Defenses just collapsed on Zo. But in an uptempo, open-floor style offense; Carter would reach his potential (whatever that may be).

And his contract is not long. Expires in 2004.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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