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Alright, this forum hasn't had a new thread in about a day, so here's one for everybody...

What do you want the Lakers lineup will look like next season?

I mean after trades, and FA signings. Don't make up stupid, non-realistic trades like Samaki Walker for Kevin Garnett. I mean deals that actually have a chance at happening.

Here are the offseason moves I would like to see the Lakers make...

1. Trade Samaki Walker and Tracy Murray to the Warriors for Danny Fortson. Apparently the Warriors want to get rid of Fortson's big contract, and they want to move Jamison to PF. I've heard a few rumors about this deal, but nothing big. It works under the cap, and the Lakers need a starting PF.

2. Sign Will Avery, Tex Winter was at the Jazz vs. Blazers SL game. Will Avery posted double figure points and had a few nice assists. I don't know if the Lakers are interested in him, but he shouldn't be too expensive, and the Lakers need a back-up PG.

3. Re-sign Brian Shaw, he's still a great SG, and really contributes for the Lakers. He also shouldn't be too expensive, and the Lakers would need him.

4. Re-sign Jelani McCoy, let's face it, the Lakers aren't going to go out and get some guy like Rasho Nesterovic or Keon Clark to back-up Shaq. They just need a guy like McCoy who can block shots, and provide a big body. He was a good back-up center for the Sonics a couple years ago. But the only minutes that he got with the Lakers were garbage minutes in only 21 games.

5. Re-sign Slava Medvedenko, this deal is basically done, they just need Slava to get back from the Ukraine to sign the contract.

With all of these moves, the Lakers lineup should look like this...

C: Shaq/McCoy/Medvedenko
PF: Fortson/Horry/Madsen
SF: George/Fox
SG: Kobe/Rush/Shaw
PG: Fisher/Avery/Shaw
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