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I see all these playoff standings with the Magic seeded top 4 in ALL of them,WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!?!

Grant Hill - They say hes 100%,but thats NOT true,cuz ur NEVER 100% again after getting the injury he had.Also,hes played what 18 games in the last 2 season's,and u peeps are expecting him to be the Hill of old aka 24pts 5ast 7reb?

Miller - This guy is injury prone just like Hill,not as bad but injury prone nonetheless!Also,it said on RealGM that if they want Keon Clark their gonna have to sign and trade Miller.Which means if Hill goes down,T-Mac is the ONLY baller on that team that can put up double figures.

Grant/Ewing - Do we even wanna go there?:laugh:

Armstrong - Hes got the heart of a Warrior,but a 34 year old's body,and at 34 he DOESNT put up Payton #s!

T-Mac - One of the top 3 ballers in the league,absolute SUPER-STAR!

Im NOT trash'n the Magic,I just DONT think they will be as great,as u peeps think they will!:no:

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About Grant Hill... sure, it's fine to be skeptical that he won't be 100%, but it's still possible that after successful surgery a player is as good (even athletically) as he was before the surgery. Hill never relied on athleticism anyways... he was always a very smart basketball player, and I see no reason on why he can't be tremendous for the Magic next year.

The only reason people reported that they might need to trade Mike Miller to get Keon Clark, is because the owner didn't want to pay the luxury tax. Getting the Nuggets to take Don Reid's contract gives them a little more salary room... so they can add Keon Clark now if they'd like to, without trading Miller.

Armstrong, at 34, doesn't put up Payton's numbers because he's not as good as Payton. But he's still a solid pointguard, even at 34... I see no reason why Armstrong and Vaughn can't give 48 minutes of solid basketball.

Also, I don't think Mike Miller is injury prone.
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