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*Draft Jay Will

*Pick up a rebounder/defensive bigman with the 2nd pick.

*Trade Marcus for Miller, find out if ERob has any value. With Mike Miller, Trenton Hassell, Jalen Rose and Jamal all capable of playing the 3, Eddie is another overpriced Mercer.

*Sign Scott Williams and Timmy Hardaway.
I would rather have Best, but I am afraid he would be to expensive for a team w/ Jamal and Jay on the roster.
Timmy would be a great mentor for Jay, not mention that Chicago is home. Scott Williams would bring grit and a defensive precense. :) Boy the money spent on ERob last season sure lucks mispent.
I would of loved for the Bulls to have the money to make a run at Lafrentz.

This team has the potential, now what they need is some vets to take them to the next level then get out of the way.

But foremost Draft Jay
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