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What is Jacque vaughn's +/- right now ?

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Jacque vaughn i feel is killing the Nets. Hes not producing enough offensively (even though most of shots are open looks), defensively hes not as good as he once was, and our offense is killing me when hes on. The same way we felt when McInnis backed up Kidd is now the same way i feel about Vaughn. Now everytime i see vaughn running the ball i wanna throw something at the TV!! This guy cant be providing a "+".
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Settle down. The team has won 6 in a row. If Zoran keeps playing the way he has then I see him taking even more minutes from Vaughn. Maybe if Vaughn gets some rest prior to the playoffs he'll be a good situational defensive sub.
JV is TERRIBLE indeed!!!! He is a 3rd PG in this league at best....yet Larry seems to think he is better than that. He is horrible on defense and even worse running the team on the other end!!
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