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What is the best COLLEGE basketball rivarly?

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<b> I want only College basketball rivarlies not college football or any other sports. Thanks</b>

There are so many such as Duke and UNC, and UCLA and USC, but I have to go with this one.

<b>Kansas Jayhawks and Missouri Tigers</b>

This rivarly is just sick. Pure Hatred when it comes to basketball season. If you have friends who are tiger or Jayhawk, during the season they are your enimies. I feel Tiger fans treat this more intense than the 'Hawks, but it is all good.

Now what is yours favorite college basketball rivarly?

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Duke and UNC was not even close to a rivalry last year, but next year it will get intresting again. Over the years there has never been a better college rivalry than Duke UNC. And as I hate Duke... GO UNC!!!
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