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What is the best COLLEGE basketball rivarly?

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<b> I want only College basketball rivarlies not college football or any other sports. Thanks</b>

There are so many such as Duke and UNC, and UCLA and USC, but I have to go with this one.

<b>Kansas Jayhawks and Missouri Tigers</b>

This rivarly is just sick. Pure Hatred when it comes to basketball season. If you have friends who are tiger or Jayhawk, during the season they are your enimies. I feel Tiger fans treat this more intense than the 'Hawks, but it is all good.

Now what is yours favorite college basketball rivarly?

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I will agree with kansasalum once, and only once

The MU/KU rivalry is the best. Most people will immediately answer Duke/UNC to a question about best rivalries, but only because that's the most publicized. ESPN and other sports media calls MU/KU the best rivalry west of the Mississippi, that's bull. UNC and Duke haven't been going at it for nearly as long as MU and KU. Like KA said, it dates back to the civil war. UNC and Duke are always talented and highly ranked, so people watch it, but it's nothing more than two talented teams playing eachother. The only drama is media generated. But many MU and KU fans just plain hate eachother. I guess you don't really understand the magnitude of it though unless you're from one of the two states.
Oh, and one more thing

There's a reason KA's picture he included is a cartoon, because Jayhawks can't beat Tigers like that in real life. Actually, in real life there's no such thing as a Jayhawk.
Here's why MU/KU is better than Duke/UNC

Take away the media coverage and the Duke/UNC "rivalry" isn't much of a rivalry. Take away one team's talent and it's not much of a rivalry. MU/KU is usually one sided in terms of talent. I won't argue that KU's had a lot more talent in the past. But the games are ALWAYS interesting, regardless of the talent level. The national media doesn't cover it as much because the two teams usually don't have as much at stake as Duke and UNC have in the past, but that doesn't make a rivlary.
1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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