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It is time to analyze what is next with the Wizards position by position.



This position looks to be the one most likely to get a makeover this offseasson. They are just too small to be effective. I fully expect Whitney to be moved at some point either by himself or with Jahidi. He is not worth much to anyone outside of a contending team needing a backup PG that can nail the open 3. Lue is probably going to stick because he has experience in the system and because he is an expiring contract. He might be moved because of this though to facilitate another player getting moved. Dixon is a question mark that will get some run to gauge what he can contribute.

There has been mention of Billups and Hughes getting a look in Free Agency to come in and bolster the position. I think Billups adds the size and athleticism, along with the experience the Wiz are looking for. Hughes certainly has the athleticism and size but lacks the experience. The Wizards would prefer Billups but would settle for Hughes if Billups goes elsewhere.



Hamilton is the starter. Trading Courtney has solidified this. MJ is going to back him up in all probability. This will allow him to get that one last season to transition leadership completely to the new guys, while helping Rip in the little things that were evident last year, like Rip eventually joining the Breakfast Club. Davis is the Solid 3rd guy that can definitely help out. Mj is MJ. This is the Wizards strongest position in terms of next season although looking to the future it may be lacking depth with MJs impending retirement and Davis's age. Grizzard will probably get serious attention here more than at SF and Dixon will get his shot to play some SG if a larger PG is obtained.

I do not anticipate any additions here in FA or due to trade.



This is actually the largest question mark the Wizards have. MJ could fill some minutes here if he had to, but I am sure the thought is to not have to play him here. Jeffries is going to get his chance like Kwame was given his to start last season. Simmons started to show some talent at the end of last season and if his work ethic during the season last year was any indication, he will be leaner and better after this offseason. Collins commented on wanting guys to lose weight and come in quicker and I think he is really looking forward to seeing a leaner, quicker Simmons. He imay be a FA but I believe the Wizards will bring him back.

Grizzard will get some minutes here but I think he is more of a 2/3 and the Wizards will be looking to add a young vet to bolster this spot much like the PG spot. Nesby is not the answer and hopefully the Wizards know this. Devean george has been mentioned a few times as a candidate. I think that he will bring a lot of what the Wizards are looking for. The main contention is going to be similar to what the Wizards face with Billups. How much salary cap space can the Wizards afford to give up to get this guy? Would it be nice to have him though, with his experience in a triangle offense and with his athleticism that the Wizards have lacked the last few years? Absollutely, but the cost may just be too much.



The future strength of the Roster in terms of potential. Yes, Laettner is a waste of space when he is hurt but as more athletic people surround him, I feel his passing will contribute more. He has a long term deal with the Wizards and unless he gets time there is no hope he gets moved. Kwame had flashes last year and Etan came on strong at the end of the season as it became apparent his comfort level increased. Jeffries will see some time with Kwame playing a little center. This may be part of a very quick lineup.

I don't envision any signings here other than resigning Popeye for a short term deal.



Haywood has shown he wants it. He now needs to have his body ready to take the punishment. After getting sidelined last year with knee problems after a promising start, he needs to get back on track to prove people he should have been taken higher. He came in much leaner than he was in college and it helped his game. I think he will be solid this year further allowing White to become a nasty bruiser. Kwame, laettner and Etan may get some minutes here as well, especially it Jahidi is traded.

I don't see the Wizards making any additions here but you may see jahidi get moved.


The Wizards are fine with the roster they have right now. They would like to make some small additions like Billups/Hughes/George but may not be able to get it done.

So to answer my question of What next? The answer is, not much beyond a little tweaking and probably trimming one or 2 of our PGs to make space for 1 or 2 FAs.

As for Rashard Lewis, it would be nice but the Wizards do not have the players with salary to make it happen because it will have to be a sign and trade and I am sure the Sonics do not want Jahidi or Laettner.
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