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What the Clipps should do:

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First of all I'd like to say that Odom is and always will be a superior player to Miles, and he makes the team win.
So here's my plan:
1. 3-way deal:
Clippers trade: Darius Miles, Quentin Richardson, Melvin Ely and Harold Jamison
Clippers receive: Baron Davis, Jerome Moiso, DeSagana Diop, Ricky Davis, 2003 1st Pick from N.O.
Hornets trade: Baron Davis, Jerome Moiso, 2003 1st Pick
Hornets receive: Andre Miller, Jumaine Jones,Harold Jamison
Cavs trade: Andre Miller, Jumaine Jones, Ricky Davis, DeSagana Diop
Cavs receive: Darius Miles Quentin Richardson, Melvin Ely (whom the Cavs prefer over Wilcox for some crazy reason)

This brings both Cleveland and N.O. under the cap threashold and it moves the discontent PGs around and the Clipps get a fair deal for Miles.

2. Trade Ricky Davis to Grubby Jerry Kraut's Bulls for their 2003 1st Pick, a future 2nd Pick and a filler

3. Trade Keyon Dooling to Memphis for Houston's 2003 1st Pick and Antonin Fotis.

4. Signings: Olowokandi 7 year 78 million, Brand 7 year 63 million, Odom 7 year 60 million, Davis 7 year 78 or 84 million, Corey Maggette 7 year 39 million, William Avery 6 year 3 million, Moiso 6 year 3 million. With Odom,Brand,Davis,Maggette,and Moiso's contracts being extended next year.

5. 2003 Draft: obviously if one of the 3 aquired picks is #1 Lebron is a Clipper, but if one of the picks isn't #1 they can take one BPA and trade the other 2 picks for a 04 1st pick and a future 1st pick or two. the future pick is essential because a lotto pick in like 2007 will be a nice gift for a team picking in the mid-twenties.

this gives a lineup of
PG Baron Davis
SG Maggette
SF Odom
PF Brand
C Olowokandi
key bench: Jaric, Wilcox, Diop

and a few shots at Lebron......
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What the Clippers should do?

Elgin Baylor and Donald Sterling should change their phone numbers so they can't be reached by other teams trying to make a deal.

Sign Kandi to a reasonable long term extension.

Sign Brand to a 6 year, 70mill extension.

Send the players to training camp and let the season begin.

Thats all the team needs to do. They should not make any moves. This team already has the potential to be a title contender in the next couple years. Making a trade has a bigger chance of backfiring than it does at helping. If they have to give up a core player(Brand, Kandi, LO, Miles), it makes the team weaker. If they give up non core players(Maggette, Wilcox, etc) it means the team has 5 players deserving of MAX or near MAX deals, and that will be trouble.

Just deal with our own players. Get them signed and let them play on the court. Don't mess with anything.
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