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Originally posted by Mr. X
Yo kidcrawford, you're just angry because the Kings can't beat LA! I was so pissed when people started saying that the refs were favoring LA. In Game 5, the ball went out of bounds off of Webber, they iunbounded it, Webber set an illegal screen and Bibby hit the shot! Then Kobe got fouled by Jackson on his final shot, Jackson grabbed his jersey. Don't get *****y because the Kings suck. The Kings clearly got favored in this series. Game 6 was the only game that LA might have been favored. Who agrees. Don't answer this kidcrawford!
No need to get angry about it X Man. It's just one persons opinion is all, matters the same as yours.

I thought the officiating in the Lakers-Kings series was terrible and if anything, probably favoured the Lakers overall. Of course, you are forgetting that blatant elbow to the nose that Kobe hit Bibby with??? Or the no-touch fouls that Pollard was called for on Shaq?

the door swings both ways and no-one from opposing sides will agree on it.

There's two sides to every story. Your side and their side... and somewhere in between is the truth.

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