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what the magic shoud do now

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Trade Jerryl Sasser and Steven Hunter to Cleveland for Chris Mihm. Throw in the pick Sacramento owes you if it's necessary.

Trade Mike Miller, Don Reid, and Andrew Declerq to Denver for James Posey and Donnell Harvey.

Then Trade Jud Buechler and the pick the Wizards owe the Magic, back to Washington for Hubert Davis.

Sign Jerome James, Scott Williams, and Erick Strickland.

I prefer Scott Williams over Charles Oakley because he played with Micheal Jordan when Jordan was starting to win titles, he also played a few years ago with Ray Allen and the Bucs when Allen did what Paul Pierce was doing in this years playoffs. Oakley has already mentored T-Mac, i'd like to see what Williams can bring to the table.

As far as the Miller trade, it's to free cap room to sign Williams and James. Miller fits in orlando because of his ability to score, yet reluctancy to take over, which is also the downfall to his trade value. He's not better than a third guy on your team if you're trying to build a contender.

The PG spot, I think they need someone who can defend bigger PG's of the east, the other options are McInnis who I expect to sign in LA, and Ollie. Jacque Vaughn is a marked man by many teams, so he's unlikely, Best is probably a lock for Miami, and Earl Watson is an option, but I think he'll return to Seattle.

As far as the Tim Duncan plan, he's not going to leave, scrap that, and shoot for 2004 when Kevin Garnett is a free agent.

Depth Chart
PG Strickland, Armstong
SG McGrady, Davis
SF Hill, Posey
PF Williams, Humphrey, Harvey
C James, Mihm, Griffith
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what I expect them to do

Resign Hudson and Garrity, and sign Griffith away from his team in Italy.

Depth Chart

PG Hill, Armstong
SG McGrady, Hudson, Buechler
SF Miller, Hill, Sasser
PF Garrity, Humphrey, Reid
C Griffith, Hunter, Declerq

I expect the Magic to look this way, and not be very attractive to free agents this summer, I don't see how it'll be attractive to Tim Duncan next either, but we'll just have to wait and see. Hudson, Armstrong, and Humphrey will be really good role players coming off the bench. Hudson will be instant offense, Humphrey will be a mix between outlaw and Malik Rose, and Armstrong will be back to the sixth man of the year type energy and defense he brought to the court a few years back. If this team can make it to the playoff healthy, they can make it out of the first round, anything after that i'd be surprised.

This team will be a lot better in the half cout offense, Hill in the half court offense is as good a passer as there is.
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