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LBJ to LJ for 3 said:
As much has Flip has been a hero to this town in the past month. I dont think the Cavaliers should re-sgin him. He is filling a void, which will be replaced by Larry Hughes in less than a few weeks. He will want big money, and i dont think he will want to come off the bench either. We will also need money for a PF either for Gooden or for a FA.

If he turned down 5yrs 30 million as a Sonic last year, his stock is rising more than anyone in the NBA. I think this was a one stop shop for Flip. Plus you can not have Snow and Jones off the bench, they would serve no purpose.
He didn't turn down 5yrs 30 million, he was looking for a contract of about that much. He turned down an offer of about 3 million a yr.

It really depends on what happens at the point. That is the most important fix that we need. If we can get a point as part of a sign and trade for Gooden, we might be able to do it. But we're still going to be in need of another big guy. It might be kinda tough to bring Flip back.
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