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What will the Mavs Do in the Draft?

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What are the Mavs going to do in the draft? I was surprised last year when they decided not to trade up (which is uncharacteristic of Nelson or Cuban).

Option 1: Trade up into the lottery and take Nene Hilaro with that pick (he would be very raw). That would continue the string of foreigners for the "United Nations" Mavericks.

Option 2: Trade into the first round and draft a non-foreigner (which was very surprising when they drafted Etan Thomas, Courtney Alexander and Donnell Harvey).

Option 3: Stay where they are and fill that need for a rebounder in free agency or via sign and trade.
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Re: Re: Mavs draft

Originally posted by devestata

Actually there is one hole on the team. If you think Shawn Bradley is gonna cut, there is a problem with you.:laugh: I have heard they are trying to get Alonzo Mourning or Michael Olowokandi on the team. If not, draft Nenad Krstic or maybe they have someone else in mind that isn't Shawn Bradley.:laugh:
Bradley is leaving or should be leaving!

If Dallas can land a true defending center who requires a double team at least every other possession, they'd be trophy-bound.
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