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What will we do with our 2nd round Pick

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This draft is deep and I mean deep. So what will the sixers do. personally I would go after a shooter or a young shooting guard or point that we could bring along slowly. Our problem is that we are old and dont have anyone waiting in the wings at any position and we should start somewhere. Cooke, Smush Parker, lynn greer, Ronald Murray orMaddox if he falls that low. Tons of talent I just feel like we are going to mess up once again.
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people just a comment, read both the post and the subject of the post. If you had done that CrazyIverson , you would have known that Beez was speaking about the 2nd round pick, not the 1st round pick. But i do agree that we should take Amare, to youthin up our front line.

But to Beez, I agree with all those players on the list and I have a few others that could also join the squadron. Rasuul Butler from LaSalle, of course since he went to school in Phili, the fans would like him , and he can light it up from downtown. He could be a valuable backup sf.

Another guy who miiiiiiiiiiiiight drop and he could really give some athleticism and potential to our team is Freddy JOnes from Oregon, the guy can dunk, who knows about his perimeter game but he can dunk. PErfect for the play at the end of quarters that Iverson used to do with Hughes and Jumaine Jones, where he does the backdoor alley oop.

I aslo personally would like to see Marcus Taylor in a uniform, cuz I think the guy can play. He has the ability but he didn't have much to work with this year.

Those are three off the top of my head, but I must say something, there are players in the 2nd round of this draft that could be top 20 in other drafts (Tayshaun Prince, Freddy Jones) but since there are so many players at their positions, they have fallen.

My 10 cents
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Yea, about Freddy, obviously his game other then athleticism isn't very polished, but I think if someone works on him he could turn out to be a decent 2g.
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