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What will you do if the Bulls chose Mike Dunleavy Jr.? I have a feelin that'll happen

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Everybody's expected to get J.Will, but with Krause you'll never know...I've heard about talks trading the pick to the T'Wolves for Szcerbiak a long time ago, lol, so anything goes...I'm still expecting the unexpected, but i'm desperately hoping we get JWill, the best point guard in years
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That sounds good to me if the Bulls draft Dunleavy. That'll be just perfect for us Grizz fans because I'm hoping Butler falls in our hands. There's been talk in Memphis that West wants Dunleavy but, I'm hoping that doesn't happen because I haven't seen much to his game. I don't know where all of this hype is coming from about his game but, he always seemed like an average college player at best. So hopefully, if not the Bulls, someone that's ahead of us in the draft, take this guy so he doesn't fall in our hands.
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