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What will you do if the Bulls chose Mike Dunleavy Jr.? I have a feelin that'll happen

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Everybody's expected to get J.Will, but with Krause you'll never know...I've heard about talks trading the pick to the T'Wolves for Szcerbiak a long time ago, lol, so anything goes...I'm still expecting the unexpected, but i'm desperately hoping we get JWill, the best point guard in years
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I agree that JWill is the pick if available at #2.

However, If he is gone I think Krause will go with Yahoo Ming..........but will he keep him ?

I hope to hear "With the first pick the Rockets select Yahoo"

For the Wagner lovers, I think comparing 1 year in the NIT Tournament to 4 years in the NCAA Tournament (not to mention winning the championship) is ridiculous. Tell that to the folks at Maryland.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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