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What would YOU trade Lebron James for?

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2.Tim Duncan?
3.Jason Kidd and Kenyon Martin
4.Marko Jaric, Chris Wilcox, Keyon Dooling, Michael Olowokandi?
5. Darius Miles and Quentin Richardson?
6.Chris Webber?
7. Jerry Stackhouse,Ben Wallace, Rodney White?
name more of you own also, and I intentionally excluded T-Mac and Kobe because that is plain dumb.
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Joe F:

Antonio McDyess a low range superstar was basically traded for a #7 pick (Hilario) and you're telling me Wallace and Stack is too much for Lebron, who is not only a potential superstar but possibly also the best player born after 1979 (Odom,McGrady, Brand, etc. are born in 1979) which makes James quite valuable.....lets say for a minute that the Clippers have 2 mid-lotto 1st picks next year, do you think Marko Jaric,Chris Wilcox, Keyon Dooling and both of the 1st picks for James is fair for both sides?
First of all about Lebron's wrist, if you saw the game he was taken by his mid-section and inverted and he used his wrist to break his fall from like 8'... he could probably file a criminal complaint against that Wallace kid who hit him.
And about high schoolers not being ready for the league, Lebron is hardly like any of the other high schoolers that have been drafted. T-Mac was too skinny so was Kobe, but at 6-7 225 and maybe even 6-8 now his size and strength is already level with most NBA SGs. Lebron also passes better than even Kobe right now, Lebron is simply so far advanced ahead of time. His one weakness is his unselfishness, it's what killed KG in the playoffs, when you look to always create for teamates first you run into problems.
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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