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Does anybody know? Am I the only person who thinks that the Mavs are TOTALLY ripping off the Knicks here?

Anyway, here's a deal that would work (I checked it out on RealGM):

Nick Van Exel, Taliq Abdul-Wahad, and Adrian Griffin to the Knicks; Kurt Thomas, Charlie Ward, and Shandon Anderson to the Mavs

You can leave out Abdul-Wahad and Anderson, the trade still works--but, if you're the Mavs, why not insist on including these two? I mean, I'm SURE that Frank Layden has heard ENOUGH about what an idiot he is for signing Shandon Anderson to that huge deal a couple of years ago, I'm SURE he'd love to get rid of the guy, no matter WHAT he gets in return! And, the thing is, for what it's worth, both guys have four more years on their contracts, and how much better is Shandon Anderson than Taliq Abdul-Wahad? Isn't Anderson a decent replacement for Greg Buckner?

The Knicks after this trade:

PG Nick Van Exel--Frank Williams--Howard Eisley
SG Allan Houston--Taliq Abdul-Wahad
SF Latrell Sprewell--Adrian Griffin
PF Antonio McDyess--Clarence Weatherspoon
C Keon Clark/Michael Doleac/Mark Blount (?)--Othella Harrington

Is it just me, or are the Knicks not even WORSE than they were last year? Didn't an NBA already TRY building a team around Nick Van Exel and Antonio McDyess? Uh, didn't that end rather poorly?

The Mavs after this trade:

PG Steve Nash--Charlie Ward--Avery Johnson
SG Michael Finley--Shandon Anderson
SF Dirk Nowitzki--Eduardo Najera
PF Raef LaFrentz--Kurt Thomas
C Evan Eschmeyer--Shawn Bradley--Wang Zhi Zhi

The Mavs seem to have gotten better, don't you think?

ANYWAY--are these two teams actually even DISCUSSING this trade? Or was it just a dumb rumor?
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