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what's up with Lenny Cooke?

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Hey this is my first post on this forum. The one couldn't help me out. Anyways, what has happened to this guy. A lot of people don't even have him in the 2nd round of the draft. I thought that he'd be a legit candidate to close the 1st. What happened to him? Did he have bad showings somewhere???
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Did he have bad showings somewhere???
lol he dident even show up. He was planned to have a raptor workout last week and did not attend for no reason.

His stock is quickly going down.

It's quite sad because he is such an amazing talent to just hide. Maybe he's doing it on purpose to try to be a late late late first round pick so he can be on the Lakers or Kings next year.

Ok who am I kidding. He has some personal issues he has to resolve before comming to the NBA.
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