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Jerry West, I bend to kiss your toes. The sweet salt of a basketball mastermind is too much for my hoopjunkie emotions. I cry like an infant. For I have seent the light, and yes my friends it is DAMN beautiful.

I'm givin Jerry 5 years to make us and unreal team. Potent talent at every position. Do your magic baby, do your magic. Am I obsessed? Probably, but so is every other Grizz maniac who is thinking that the dark ages are over. I cry tears everynight wishing that my Grizz were still in Van City, but spilt milk will eventually taste bad.

Imagine teams running scared of our crushing uptempo game. Basketball fundamental's, and smarts overpouring. I know, I know, it may still be rough around the edges, but Jerry found the diamond and he's a wicked polisher.

This is for all Grizz enthusiasts who crave more and more. Spill your beans, so the rest of us can eat em up. If you have anything to say about the Grizzles, do it. Trade rumours(in reason), news, hopes, needs, current, fantasy, outrage, frustration.

I want a franchise player in 2 years. That's an order.

I've got a first class ticket into the Grizzlies glory days, and I ain't sellin.

Grizz Piez 4 Life

Yo Yo Ma to all the Muffin Bakers and Pillow Biters.
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