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Where is Olowokandi going?

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Personally I dont want him to stay a Clipper. He is solid but will demand to much dough that we could spread aorund to Odom, Brand, Qrich, and Dmiles. Personally I think a center that shoots that close to the basket should shoot a higher percentage. There is always a sign and trade and I think maybe Toronto fits the bill since Keon Clark is also a free agent.

Toronto trades a resigned Keon Clark and Chris Childs for Kandi. That probably would work under the cap with their new contracts.
Clipps lineup

Toronto Lineup
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Why the HECK would the Raps sign & trade Keon for the SORRY Kandi Man?!?!

On MOST teams Clark would start,but the Raps have Davis and the Dream so he plays backup,while Kandi Man is a backup that starts!

I still CANT believe that the Kandi Man went #1 over Vince and Jamison!:no:
Let me rephrase that,I DONT think the Kandi Man sucks.:no:
I just DONT think hes as good as Keon Clark,let alone be worth the #1 overall pick.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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