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Would you have liked the Rose trade if it was Miller,Artest and Mercer for Rose only?

"Expensive" Best can get a 20% raise before he becomes a BYC player and becomes more difficult to do a sign and trade for. He made 3.375 mil last year. 3.375 mil x 1.2 = 4.05 mil.

How much $ did the Bull save by drafting "Jay" and apparently letting Best go?
Kwame Brown(last years #1) will make 3.974 mil next year and Tyson Chandler(last years #2) will make 3.556 mil.

Wouldn't it be nice to get "something" for Best? :yes:

But where?

Miami: I think has been mentioned.

NJ: needs a backup to Kidd and Marc Jackson has said he'd like to be there if
Denver will let it happen.

Philadelphia: S&T for Harpring?

Minnesota: Brandon is an injury risk.

Detroit: Chucky Atkins and...?

Milwaukee: Will "Sam I am" stay and who is his backup if he does?

Utah: Stockton and...?

LA Lakers: Fisher and ...?

Any ideas on how/where to get something for Best? :confused:

here's mine:

Best, Crawford, ERob


Brandon, Wally

An exchange of injury risk players with big contracts(ERob 4 years-Brandon 3 years).

Minnesota needs a backcourt that they can count on and they get the one the Bull would have had if they drafted differently. Garnett gets the spotlight to himself but plays more 4.

As Brandon fades(I read on the Real GM board that he doesn't want to start)- "Jay" increases his minutes. Best isn't staying(it doesn't seem so anyway) so it's Wally and 1/2(the healthy 1/2 :laugh: ) Brandon for Jamal and 1/2(the healthy 1/2 :laugh: ) ERob. Brandon's contract is the poison pill needed to take to get Minnesota to part with Wally. Injury exception eases the pain(in part) if Brandon gets injured but can still return to play later. If he gets injured and has to retire then there is NO remedy. Ouch! The same applies to ERob and JC however. Brandon when healthy usually led the league in A/TO which "Jay" could learn from. Jamal is soon to get a salary review and won't be cheap for long. The Bull end up with 1 big salary(Wally) instead of 2. Wally like Jalen can play either the 2 or the 3 and unlike Jalen can shoot 3's at a very high %.

Hey it seems like alot of posters(mainly on the other board) want to move JC anyway and besides I'm bored. :)

I'd do it and then scramble to find bench players who could defend as the Bull would have plenty of fire power.


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the problem with Travis Best is, he seems like a borderline starting talent.

a number of teams would bring him in, and if they made Best the starter, he'd probably do pretty well, just good enough that the team's GM is still going to be looking for another starting PG.

Best would make a great backup, but he doesn't seem to want that kind of a role. if he were to accept that more limited role, he's open to a lot of possibilities in this league. if he's adament about finding a starting job... he's going to get tossed around the league a lot.

anyway, I'd look into the possibility of trading with Detroit. they just drafted Tayshaun Prince -- are they going to hang on to both Prince and Rodney White?

perhaps we could trade Best and Fizer for White and Jon Barry or Corlis Williamson or really whoever Detroit wants to toss on off their scrap heap
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