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I'm not that familiar with the guy...

But wow. He doesn't sound incredibly intelligent.

The one thing he got right is that Jay Williams is one of the surest things in the draft. He IS really quick (not quite Iverson quick), he IS really strong (according to SUS's summer league observations... Baron Davis likeness appropriate here) and he IS really fearless (Williams doesn't hesitate to make a bold move, but I think it will take a bit of experience to call him "fearless" a la Kidd and not "reckless" a la Larry Hughes... it didn't happen overnight for Kidd either, after all).

Other than that, I was almost enraged that I didn't follow a journalism path in college that would have allowed me to write as a sports writer.

But that's what these boards are for, eh? To let the sports writer in us all come out and be free? :D

Anyway, Williams is good stuff and I'm glad we have him, and not GS. Although I think he's underrated Dunleavy a bit... there is a dropoff after Williams, but Dunleavy will make a larger splash than expected, I believe.
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