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Which guys in the draft would help?

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Warriors are looking at a pick in the 8-12 range. Which players in that area do you think could help. Another big?

Maybe Shelden Williams?
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Shelden Willams could help, but the thing is Warriors have accumulated too many guys who are on similar playing level so no matter who they draft this year, he is not going to get a lot of playing time, much less actually help this team next season.

I am still waiting for a quantity for quality trade. That's almost one full season and counting...
Realistically, it's too early to tell, as players are just now saying whether or not they're staying in school (looks like Noah is stayin'). Let's get closer to the draft, then we'll see what's available.
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I'm not even sure what position to draft. We have a bunch of young prospects at almost every position, but none of them are ever going to be a #1 guy.
I'll tell you what: after watching more Monta last night, I think we're set at BOTH guard positions! We need someone who can D the post--wish we had a realistic chance at getting Aldridge (if he comes out).
I was actually lookin at it, Warriors have like the 6th worst record in the league right now. Seattle, Minne, etc all are better by like a game or 2. So, a top 6 pick may be on the way
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