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Logan Huysman the 18-year-old weed smoking woman from Burlington, Vermont who got arrested for disorderly conduct by kicking a police officer twice and had to be dragged into the police squad car. She and her two friends were all passed out in the car so Vermont cops were called to check if they were ok. The other two friends got away scot-free, but Huysman could've gone away too by having her father come and pick her up if only she wasn't disruptive, disrespectful and belligerent to the cops who are only trying to help her:


Sarah Jarvis the 27-year-old crazy Rite Aid store shoplifter from Hillsboro, Oregon who kicked the store manager really hard so he had to restrain her from doing any more damage, but two female spectators were only more problematic and aren't much help for him. She finally plays ball when the sheriff county cops arrive to take her away:

Pick your poison as to who do you think is the more remotely attractive female criminal than the other.

Oh and by the way, Sarah Jarvis has learned nothing from shoplifting a store in Oregon at 27 and she should know she's not a kid anymore. Jarvis has been given plenty of chances to grow up and mature right before 25 but even after 25 and beyond, Jarvis just chooses not to grow up so she throws a big fit.

Logan Huysman on the other hand has plenty of time to reform and rethink her ways, maybe time to seriously grow up and reach maturity. Being 18 probably may help her a little though, and some should hope she doesn't end up like Sarah Jarvis. Huysman needs to stop being so super condescending to people around her if she wants to get into the real world as a mature grown adult.
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