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Which would be sweetest?

Which playoff series victory would be the sweetest?

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Which one of these teams would you most like to see the Nets knock out of the playoffs?

As the buzzer sounds in the last game of the series, which victory would fill your heart with the most joy?
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Hands down Miami. Any team Shaq is on sweeps us out of the post season. We've beaten Detroit before so that's less thrilling to me.
Cleveland because I want LBJ 1st memory of the playoffs to be an elimination at the hand of the Nets. Miami is definetly close 2nd though.
If Larry Brown were still coaching Pistons, it would be Detroit.

But Riley, Zo, Shaq, 'Toine and Payton make a despicable quintet, and it would be quite the pleasurable experience to watch them walk back to the losers' lockerroom after the finish of the deciding game of the playoff series between the Nets & Heat.
Miami for sure, You have J-kidd, VC, Rj, Wade and Shaq, what more would you ask for?
It'd be nice to beat Detroit because of their hot start and everyone assuming they were going to have no problem going to the finals.

But ending Zo's hopes for a couldn't get better.
I hate the overrated Miami Heat. If they win 4 games in a row, the NBA and these analysists will be so high on this team, it's not even funny. We had a 10 game win streak and no one discussed us with Miami and Detoit while Miami could win 12 of 13 against manly teams under .500 and we hear "The Heat are going to win the east" Are these analysists blind or just to ignorant to look at the Heats' schedule? I'm telling you guys right now, the Nets will beat the Miami Heat in he second reound of the playoffs. I despise Shaq, Wade, ZO, Walker, and that clown "White Chocolate" Jason Williams.
I think we owe the Detroit Pistons a little more than the Miami Heat. Don't get me wrong both teams I strongly dislike dearly. But against the Detroit Pistons, I will never forget about the "dirty play" by Chauncey Billups on Richard Jefferson. The Miami Heat make me just as angry we should be up 3-0 on them this year and not only that we weren't at full health last season. So there are many ways to express your views. I just feel Detroit needs to be given a taste of their own medicine sometime.
You can't imagine how happy I'd be if the Nets wiped out either the Heat or the Pistons.

What a party this board would be that night.
After the humiliating spanking the heat gave us last year, beating them in the finals would absolutely be the sweetest.
Of course it's Detroit. This is a team that we were better than when they won the championship. We took them to 7 games with major injuries to Kidd and K-Mart. This is a team that got to the finals in each of the last two years. Miami is just another team. We have no rivalry with them. We've played Detroit in the playoffs twice and they have something we don't. They have something that was gotten while we were down. It has to be Detroit.
ghoti said:
You can't imagine how happy I'd be if the Nets wiped out either the Heat or the Pistons.

What a party this board would be that night.
Oh Absolutely man! :cheers:
***** you crazy take all those team out and leave the heat

we have to destroy zo hopes for a ring :banana:

he played like a mother ****** for the nets
Getting revenge against Miami or eliminating the back to back eastern conference champs would be equally delicious.
i would be most pleased to beat the spurs or any other western conference team in a playoff series.

becasue that would mean we won the NBA CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!

The three seed can face the one seed only in the Conference Finals. So a win over Detroit implies a win over Miami. And the Nets would then go to the Finals.
I voted Cleveland because the media would pick them to beat the Nets, so when NJ wins the series I would love to see the look on all those media guys faces.

The same implies to Miami and especailly Detriot.
Spurs, Clippers, Mavs, Kings ...any WC team ....
After that Miami and Detroit in that order.
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