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Who do the Kings draft

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The most glaring need appears to be a true center who can play behind Vlade. I love Scott, but he gets no respect and does better playing power forward.

I am just waiting for Petrie to grab another guy from overseas who will be like 7-2 shoots threes and plays d. If anyone can find that guy it will be Petrie
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At #28 I would go with either Gadzuric or Solak. Maybe even Melven Ely......
best available player. Grab a big man (Gadzuric especially) if they are available. Vlade is getting old, but i think scot pollard is capable of starting.
Jason Jennings.
Please Pick Jamal Sampson!!!
He is a little raw but Vlade will be around for a few more years, giving him time to develop.
I know we need young big men for the future, but if we wan't to contend for a championship, we need a veteran prescence to back up Vlade. Not a project....
Obviously the Kings need a back-up big man. That was the thought last year also but we drafted Wallace, so you never know. I think Vlade still has at least 3 good years of basketball ahead of him so we can afford to draft a project. I like Jamal Sampson simply because I know more about him then many of the other foriegn players. The kings have done great in the draft recently so I trust whomever they take.
Well, last year the Kings weren't one game away from the finals. A quality backup at center proved to be the one thing(other than refs) that cost the Kings in the WCF. I like Sampson a lot, but he will not be able to come in and contribute next season. We need some experience at backup in case Vlade gets in foul trouble...
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