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I never proposed any trades before because I don't like to do this but this one just popped out of my mind:

Blazers trade:-
Damon Stoudamire
Bonzi Wells(resign to 4 or 5 millions first year)

Knicks trade:-
Latrel Sprewell
Kurt Thomas

Why this trade?
Blazers, after the acquisition of McInnis, probably looking to unload Stoudamire for a capable big man. Thomas, although a little too short, could play C like he did much of last two seasons. Sprewell gives them another scoring threat who might be better than Anderson and Petterson.

Knicks need a PG and a SF. Both Stoudamire and Wells fit the bill. They might be reluctant to trade Thomas though because this move will cause them a player who can play C.

I just made this up for fun...:D

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The Knicks run away with the trade...big time!
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