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With the SPL season coming to an end, many are looking back and trying to make assumpitions on potential are a few that I have seen live and firmly believe they have had excellent summers...

1.) AMare Stoudimire- Every game I saw him play he dominated of both ends. He got way up for rebounds and when he scored EVERYBODY knew it. He got the crowd excited every time he touched the ball, because people knew there was always a possibility of something terrific happending!!! He was extremly consistent which is RARE for the SPL, and always came out to play every game.

2.) Drew Gooden- Had an excellent SPL and proved he could run the court with the best of them. At times I saw he as a bit sporactic (taking shots that were a bit ify) however overall he proved that he belonged and will be a good asset for the Grizzlies.

3.) Richard Jefferson- the second year player oout of Arizona proved who he was by averaging a cool 22 points a game and dishing out 6 assits to go along with it. He kept shooting and the shots went in. The Nets are happy to have drafted this kid who could one day be one of the league premier shooters.


1.) Skeeta (Denver Nuggets)- Never in my Entire life had I seen one player complain SO MUCH then Skeeta did in a nationalized game against phoenix. He would hit the basket, kick the air, and wave his arms like a freckin moron trying to prove his point. However when the replay is shown he was clearly wrong. while on offense he seemed to stand on the three point ark untill the ball came to him. Its time the this 18 year old KID realize he is in the NBA and start acting like it!!!

Well this is my opinion tell me what you think of the SPL AND the potettial of the players!!!!
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