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IMO, it's gotta be Allen Iverson. Sure, he's in trouble with the law right now, but I'm sure he still has that great crossover that we all love! ;)

Other canidates:

2) Steve Francis
3) Baron Davis
4) Kobe Bryant
5) Mike Bibby
6) Jason 'White Chocolate' Williams :cool:
7) Tony Parker (yes, i am biased :eek:)


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I agree with you AI probably does have the best crossover in the league. Other good crossovers, Steve Francis, Jason Kidd, Jason Williams, and Stephon Marbury.

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IMX Crossover Kingz...

1. Allen Iverson
2. Rafer Alston
3. Steve Francis
4. Jason Williams
5. Baron Davis
6. Stephon Marbury
7. Kobe Bryant
8. Mike Bibby
9. Larry Hughes
10. Tim Hardaway <---Still has a lil' left

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I watched some old NBA action or NBA Jam, whatever it is called. I thought a few NBA players were asked who has the best crossover. If I am not mistaken, John Stockton said He knows Allen Iverson's crossover is coming, Timmy's as well. But he said Jayson Williams's crossover is actually unpredictable and it is much harder to stop.
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