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Who will have the better career

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Besides Jay Williams which point in this draft will have the biggest impact this year and in their career. (Considering Dajuan a 2 gaurd)

Frank Williams
Jaun Dixon
Dan Dikau
Steve Logan
Marko Jaric
Anyone else?
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Probably Jaric....
yep, i think jaric and jwill will be the biggest stars out of this group, followed by dickau, williams and logan, ehhhhh and dixon needs to play a reggie miller role, only hes about 4 inches too short.

wheres jaric from again?? i know we have parker as a euro pg but hes french so hes not as much like all the other euros.
Jaric wasn't in this year's draft:no:. He will be a Rookie this year, but he was picked by the Clippers in the 2000 draft.
Dickau, I saw him play in the SL against Milwaukee, he's a great passer, and makes things happen. He could be the next Jason Kidd type player.
Re: Nene Hilario

Originally posted by JGKoblenz
Yeah, he got game.
He asked which PG you think will have the best career. Not which center or forward. Hilario is a center or a forward.:yes:
Marko Jaric will have the best impact this year but over a whole career I'd have to go with Frank Williams.
Marko Jaric... amazing. He might flop, but if all of them reach their potential, including Jay, Jaric might still be the best. He is that good.
Juan Dixon

How can you people say Jaric is so good when you've never even seen him play?
What about Raul Lopez? He just got a contract with the Jazz.

ima go wit juan dixon......i think he's gonna be a 10 & 5 guy his rookie year
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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