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and one more comparison, who would you pick?

I am truly sick of all these Kobe and Tmac comparisons.Really sick of them all. with that said, who would you pick between these two guys, players that I most relate to in terms of overall game and ability: Moochie Norris or Troy Hudson.

I don't play organized ball. I'm more of the weekend warrior who just loves to play the game and watch it. And among all the players in the NBA, these are the two that I would say that have the most similar game to mine, Hudson with the reckless drives to the basket and Moochie with the DC crossovers (although I'm not from DC)

Troy's a better finisher around the basket while Moochie's a better long range shooter, IMO. Troy's a better scorer (2nd leading scorer for the Magic during the playoffs) while Moochie's the better distributor. In my opinion, I would pick Moochie 'coz he's made his share of last-second buzzer beaters, all the while stylin' with that huge 'fro of his.
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