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Who's responsible for helping Eddie mature into a man. So far as I can see, from a fan's prospective, he's very much still a boy. Who's job is it to tell him to go to court on your court date? To kick out whoever that 'buddy' is who's masquerading in his home as a personal assistant/twinkie run-guy? To tell him you don't need two vicious Rottweillers if you live in Highland Park? To tell him to prepare himself physically and mentally before games, during the season and especially during the offseason? To not let people get away with punking him on the court ? To get that damn rebound?


Pax? Skiles? His teammates? His parents?

None of those guys. It needs to be him. But it looks like that version of him won't be around until it's too late. The twenty five year old Curry maybe.

Eddie, get it together man. These decisions you're making now will mold the rest of your life, be it a Bull, or be it Knick, or whoever. Do it for yourself.
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