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Who's the Knicks Best Player?

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In a season where our players have been trying to conform to a more team oriented game than many of them are used to its been tough to distinguish our "best player". I guess I'm asking who's the most talented? Who's the real leader of the team? Who has played the best this season?
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Jamal has been the best player this season.

francis is a major disapointment thus far, as well as marbury. eddy curry is way too inconsistant.
Even though he had a stretch where his J seemed off I would go for Channing as our best player this season because first of all he's an offensive force and second of all he always works really hard to improve. He has the kind of character that we need on this team. Also I've noticed that in games where his stroke is off he tries that much more on the boards and on defense (check out the games right before the injury he was getting like 10boards and 2blocks). Jamal is definately high on my list because of how he's handled being benched and losing so much but i wud say he's less consistent than Frye. If Jamal's J is off he needs to find another way to lift the team. Steph was definately doing well during the 6game streak but has been horrible ever since LB called him out in the press. Curry cud be our most reliable scorer if we ever got him the ball but our guards haven't been doing that very well. I guess at this point as far as leaders are concerned i'm gonna go with Jamal even tho it may seem strange. Jamal has shown amazing character and has improved probably more than anyone on the team. The fact that he has skill (MRose has leadership but NO SKILL) makes him a good silent leader i guess leading by example.
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