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Originally posted by w-h-i-t-e-b-o-y
The guys on espn said that he didn't put his name on the draft list and thats why he didn't get drafted but they did say if he had be would've been a lottery pick due to his young age(22) and his size(7-2 254)

Obviously the guys on ESPN don´t know draft rules about international players.

International players can put his name on the draft list if they are under 22 (i.e. Tskitishvilli, Hilario).

EVERY non drafted international player IS elegible in the year they turn 22. They don´t need put his name on the draft list. Trybanski, born in 1979 was elegible in 2001 draft. He was not drafted because nobody (even in Europe...) thought he was talented enough.

I have some questions: If Trybanski is good ¿Why he played in a European second level league? ¿Why he was a bench player in a no-good team? ¿Why was not resigned in his last polish team?.

European better teams scout every young prospect and they signed them. Look at Tskitishvilli, Nachbar, Ginobili, Jaric... they come from strongest european teams. Even at junior level (17-18 years old) big pro-teams sign the best young prospects in Europe. Macej Lampe, a superb 18 years-old prospect from Poland (like Trybanski...) was signed 3 years ago (!!!) by Real Madrid, from Spain (Raul Lopez former team).

I know West is a genius, but it´s no easy to think everybody in Europe (even Trybanski coaches and team) is blind.

I wish I´m wrong, but I think european scouts know their job: Trybanski is not good enough for biggest Euro teams, so he is not good enough for NBA (remember Frederick Weiss?).

Anyway I know Trybanski has a really good work ethic, he improved his game last two years and has a winner mental toughness. Maybe in two or three years he can be a good backup C, maybe...

(Three years guaranteed contract...!!!, ...unbelievable...)
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