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I think Qyntel should take over as the primary backup shooting guard. Have Wesley get the minutes that the backup point would have.

The way I would distribute the minutes is:

Damon 38 minutes per game
DA 30 minutes per game
Miles 35 minutes per game
Randolph 40 minutes per game
Sheed 35 minutes per game

Woods 20 minutes per game
Patterson 18 minutes per game
Person 8 minutes per game
Davis 12 minutes per game

First subs off the bench
Patterson for Miles
Woods for Stoudamire
Davis for Wallace

Have DA playing the point, Woods at the 2, Patterson at the 3, Randolph and Davis in the post.

Second Substitution:
Person for Anderson
Miles for Randolph
Stoudamire for Patterson
Wallace for Davis.

That would have:


Third substitution
Anderson for Person
Randolph for Woods

Thus leading back to the starting lineup.


Retired From The Beat
2,454 Posts
I did!!!!

Scroll down and look at Best Blazers Coverage.....

oh, and I wasn't paying attention, the Columbian IS daily. For some reason I was thinking of the Trib. And the fact that the Columbian is daily makes the lateness of this article worse.
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