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Whose the Best (2005 Draft Teams)

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Basically doing a snake out of how the team was selected. Here are the teams.

Team A
Andrew Bogut
Channing Frye
Ike Diogu
Joey Graham
Danny Granger
Luther Head
Johan Petro

Team B

Marvin Williams
Charlie Villuanueva
Andrew Bynum
Antoine Wright
Gerald Green
Francisco Garcia
Jason Maxiell

Team C

Deron Williams
Martell Webster
Fran Vazquez
Rashad McCants
Hakim Warrick
Jarrett Jack
Linas Kleiza
David Lee

Team D

Chris Paul
Raymond Felton
Yaroslev Korolev
Sean May
Julius Hodge
Nate Robinson
Ian Mahinmi
Wayne Simien
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Can a mod move this, I meant to post it in the NBA General.
Potential - Team B
NOW - Team A/C

Team D has I think 4 proven players right now..but Mahimmi and Korolev intrigues me...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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