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Amen to that. They may like to go to the PG-15 movies together, and talk about the best zit removing creams and their upcoming high school proms, but as far as chemistry on the court there is a long way to go.

Nothing wrong with a little positive thinking, but some people are already handing the championship to the Bulls in a few years time. They have proven SQUAT. Let's see how things work out before going crazy.

The record last year was 21 wins, 61 LOSSES

We have added three rookies to that team and are looking to add a few stiff veterans. To think everything is all of a sudden rosey is foolish.

I like the current team on potential. Unfortunately that potential has to be realized in almost every case for the Bulls to rise to championship level.

Let's take it one step at a time and hope these guys work their asses off and do in fact reach their potential. And lets hope Krause doesn't yet again decide to play musical power forwards and make some sort of dumbass trade.
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