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Hey everyone!

It's understandable why a lot of players believe that they can't dunk if they're below 6'0". I'm sure Nate definitely felt like that at times being 5'9". According to Dunking Expert, Brandon Todd, "to improve your level of athleticism, you need three things: fundamentals, a strong foundation(body), and unwavering determination!" Likewise, Nate spent countless hours improving his body to achieve incredible results. He never gave up and accepted the challenge of proving everyone wrong. As a result, he was drafted in the first round, became a three-time dunk champion, and has dunked over Shaq and Yao Ming.

Now, of course, you probably already knew that, so you're probably asking yourself this: how can I achieve athletic greatness just like Nate?

Here's how.

Did you know Brandon Todd, as mentioned before, is only 5'5" and can dunk effortlessly? That's even more impressive. If you don't believe me, you can watch his video for yourself right here. He proves that height does not matter whatsoever.

I recently came across his eBook where provides his techniques and philosophies for how you can increase your vertical jump this summer. He has even trained with players like Vince Carter. Be sure to check it out and sign up today so that you can exceed expectations for the upcoming season.

Thanks for reading guys! Till next time

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