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i really need to get this off my chest so here it goes.

the bad things pax has done:

1. passed up #7 pick + donyell for the raptors #4 pick*

2. waived trenton hassel

3. signed pippen over posey

4. hired scott skiles

5. passed up jalen for a.williams + jyd + mo pete (reported)

6. traded donyell +lonny + jalen for a.davis + cj + jyd

7. traded roger mason jr for rick brunson

8. passed on jyd for a.mckie

9. cut corie blount

10. signed paul shirley

11. signed ronald dupree*

12. signed linton johnson(again)*

13. didn't trade crawford when he had the chance

14. didn't trade fizer when he had the chace and now we don't even play him and he is going to walk for nothing

* questionable
im sure there are some things i missed but you get the picture.

good things skiles has done:

1. picked kirk hinrich

2. signed kendall gill


idealy he should have signed posey, kept hassel, made the doneyll and pick swap with the raptors(draft wade), hire Mike Fritello as coach, made the j.rose for a.williams, jyd, mo pete trade. then we would look like this:

1. Jamal Crawford (A.williams)
2. Wade (Hassel/Gill)
3. Posey (Mo Pete)
4. Chandler (JYD)
5. Curry (Blount)

or just kept the same line up from last year + the 1st raptor trade + signed posey:

1. Crawford (Gill)
2. Wade (Hassel)
3. Rose (Posey)
4. Marshall (Fizer)
5. Curry (Chandler)
1. Wade(Crawford)
2. Posey(Hassel)
3. Rose(Gill)
4. Donyell(Fizer)
5. Eddy(Chandler)

pax is just an impatient *******. we probably could have been playing well by now somewhat like the cavs are doing(making a late run for the last play off spots) even though we started bad. it was only sixteen games. i know there is the arguement that we needed defense but i would rather be a high flying scoring team then suck at everything. and this is why PAXSON SUCKS...
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