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Ah, this is a good article, and I'm surprised I missed out on it when it was published 18 days ago.

If you were Willie Green, why would you want to remain with the Sixers after this season?


* Sixers coach Jim O'Brien has said that statistics show Green and superstar Allen Iverson don't play well together in the backcourt;
* O'Brien inexplicably insisted Green was shorter than his listed height of 6-4 and suggested a 5-11 reporter walk over to Green to see his true height.
* O'Brien has consistently used John Salmons, who is three inches taller than Green but is far more limited offensively and appears to be no better on defense, ahead of Green in the guard rotation;
* Green has been in and out of the rotation. He has started 20 games, yet not played in 10.

Assuming neither Iverson nor O'Brien is going anywhere, Green would be better off with another team in 2005-06.

The Sixers can offer Green, who is earning the second-year minimum of $620,000, a starting salary as high as the league average ($4.9 million). But unless something changes, it doesn't make sense for Green or the Sixers to give him that kind of money.

From the Sixers' standpoint, they already have $54.8 million in salaries tied up - and that's before they re-sign Samuel Dalembert and Kyle Korver, who are higher priorities than Green - for next season.

Still, Green delivered one of the two times O'Brien called on him in desperate situations.

Green keyed a comeback victory Dec. 14 by scoring 17 points in 15 minutes. The Sixers outscored the Nuggets 51-25 with Green on the floor in a 110-102 win. "We needed a spark," said O'Brien after that game. "Everybody else had played."

On Tuesday, Green couldn't get the sluggish Sixers going in a 104-85 loss to the Warriors.

Green isn't a complainer. He is young, hard-working, coachable, athletic and aggressive.

While Green won't say it publicly, he almost surely would rather go to a team with an opportunity to play in exchange for less money. Can you blame him?

Though I don't agree with Green being a better defender than Salmons, he's surely more talented offensively.

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Obie is gonna look like a sucka when Green is averging 18ppg with the Hornets next yr.
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