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Yessssssss... Great games by Young, Vukusic, and Duvancic.. Harris 4-15 today.. Stopped his hot streak!

Michigan State all alone in first at 7-2, followed by Wisconsin who dropped to 6-2, with Illinois and Indiana right behind them at 5-3. Illinois plays Minnesota tommorow in the only Big Ten Game!!!

This was bound to happen to Wisconsin as I believe every top team in the conference has a "bad loss" from another Big Ten opponent! Oh yea dont forget Wisconsin still has to play at Illinois and at Michigan.. Tough games there :)

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Gotta love that overated chant in Evanston

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na hey hey hey goodbye!


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Whatever. These things happen. We are not overrated. Every team has a bad game every once and awhile and ours just happened to be today. With all the things that have happened to the team in the last week (Tucker deciding to be out for the season, Boo getting arrested, Freddie coming back from an injury) this didn't surprise me all that much. We'll bounce back.
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