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Will Heat pick at draft leftovers?

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The field is set. For the Heat, the uncertainty endures.

With the passing of Wednesday's 5 p.m. deadline for withdrawing from the June 26 NBA Draft, a clearer picture at the top of the order has come into focus. For the Heat, at No. 10, the list of prime suspects is dwindling.

With Duke forward Mike Dunleavy Jr. having opted in, the first three selections appear set, with Chinese center Yao Ming No. 1 to the Rockets, Duke guard Jay Williams No. 2 to the Bulls and Dunleavy No. 3 to the Warriors, where word is he could be joined by his father as a coaching replacement for Brian Winters.

While Stanford center Curtis Borchardt and Stanford shooting guard Casey Jacobsen also elected to remain in the draft as underclassmen, their impact should not be as pronounced for the Heat.

Still expected to go in the first half of the first round, Borchardt's baggage likely will prove excessive for the Heat, with lingering foot problems too much of a risk for a franchise dealing with its first lottery pick in seven years. A back-up center at No. 10 is not exactly the sexiest of picks.

for full read and article click above...pretty interesting if you are a heat fan.
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I hope we get qyntell wooods.. I have a feeling he will be the first player out of JUCO to actually do something. Heat has had bad luck with JUCO playas (ernest brown) but hey brown was a 2nd rounder and woods is a lottery pick. Woods is a badass I saw some clips of him and he is a good playa I hope we get himmm. I dont want jeffries I think he will be a bust. and Wagner all I gotta say is if he is there when its our pick we betta get him
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