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Will Kiki be retained as the GM

Will Kiki be retained as the GM?

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As we know, this is Kiki's last season of his contract. Will he be back as the GM? Should he be back as the GM?

Did the deal for Evans and Patterson save his job?
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Kiki is a good GM..but the worst GM OF ALL TIME is...

Somehow, Isiah Thomas...
Kiki has done a great job in Denver. He has picked up key acquisitions the last couple of years. Despite having a ligitimate 2 guard, he has built a very, very good team.

I say reward him with another deal. If we don't, what GM worth their salt woudl want to come in and do the job? Dan Issel? Bernie Bickerstaff?

Kiki is the answer...let him enjoy the fruits of his labors for teh next 5 years or so.
kiki is average. let him come back for a year or 2 i guess.

the dude still is one of the worst draft gm's out there though...
that's true, but what he did with that franchise in so little time(despite we would be even better without all the injry problems), he definetly is going t get a new contract...
Kiki did a tremendous job bringing the franchise back to life, but has been horrible in the draft and has us in a bind with contracts. Young talent has been mismanaged, he has failed to address needs, and the chemistry on the court is out of whack.

I really how Kiki put us back on the map, but it's time for him to go. The Kmart contract/trade was outrageous, and Kiki hasn't made any improvements through the draft other than Kleiza. He is best suited bringing another dead franchise back to life.
For all Kikis faults and mishaps. I say bring him back. I'm enjoying Nuggets basketball so much right now!
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