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Will kobe improve next year and do you think....

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the Lakers will win a 4th title next year.No team has done it for 46 years. Its gonna be so hard especially cause the kings are really hungry and wont be nervous like last year.All their players are so good.All 5 starters are really good players and the bench.
The only reason I think the kings wont win next year cause they dont play smart.The lakers never make any turnovers in the 4th quarter and rarely have any errors and they always make runs.Thats what hurts their opponents.The kings could of won in game 6 they didnt, and pushed to game 7 they could of put away the lakers when they had a 9 point lead in the thrid quarter but it dissapeared in like a snap.

Thats the one thing the lakers do that kills teams in the end.They did it against portland,san antonio ,the kings (in the last few games), and ofcourse the nets.

Its all led by the one and only KOBE BRYANT.Hes like the 4th quarter guy.All he wants to do is win and he never gives up,he plays till the buzzer every game.

The kings will win next year if kobe and shaq play horrible(rare though)
shaq and kobe get injured or really sick
the bench does nothing.Oh and i pray they dont trade horry or fox they all have so much chemistry and play well together.

by the way im new.
What do u guys think?
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Kobe will be better than last year. He'll be better at his jumpshot, especially his 3pt shooting. Here are my projected stats for Kobe next year:

27ppg, 6rpg, 6apg, 2spg
86%FT, 48%FG, 38%3FG

1st Team All-NBA, Starting SG for the Western All-Stars, 4peat!!!

I just mean improving on last years stats. But, I do think he might perform even better in the clutch. That's a scary thought.:yes:
It helps when you're a great player like Kobe, and it also helps when you play alongside with Shaq. But, Shaq wouldn't have won without Kobe. They work together, as a team. That's why they have 3 rings.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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