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Will Sloan stay?

A dinosaur has been discovered in Utah.

No, not the type with big bones. This dinosaur is on the bench at the Delta Center.

For the past 17 seasons, Jerry Sloan has coached the Jazz. No current coach or manager in a major North American pro sports league has been with the same team that long, and no other NBA coach has held his job for 10 years.

But it is possible an era soon will end. Sloan, 63, acknowledged an uncertainty about returning next season.

"There's always a chance (of not returning)," said Sloan, who has an 845-489 record with the Jazz. "I don't know what tomorrow brings with my health. I had a tough thing with my wife (Bobbi). She passed away (last year because of pancreatic cancer). Those things, I can't do anything about. I don't know what tomorrow brings. How I'll react, how I'll feel."

Sloan is having by far his toughest season with the Jazz. It started 6-1, but injuries soon hit and the Jazz is 22-49, ensuring Sloan's first losing season in Utah.

"Our players, they never really got banged up," said Sloan, who had 15 seasons in which stars Karl Malone and John Stockton missed only a combined 31 games. "I'm very fortunate. But (injuries are) part of basketball."

Utah's season ends April 20. Not long after, Sloan will decide whether he wants to return.

"When the season is over, I'll start to look at it," said Sloan, who also pondered his future in previous seasons because of his wife's health. "I'm lucky I haven't been run out. . . . (The decision will not) take too long. I don't want to be unfair to the organization. They've always been good to me. I'll make my mind up one way or another in a couple of weeks after I've been away from it."

The Jazz already has unveiled a statue of Stockton outside the Delta Center and one of Malone will be erected next season. If Sloan exits, Utah officials might want to fill out another work order for a sculptor.

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I don't know who would take over as coach next season. A lot of talent on Utah but Solan seems to be placing a lot of players in the dog house this season. Not good for keeping talent.
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