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Will Steve Nash win a Champtionship?

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steve Nash looks like stockton. Will he not get a ring like stockton? :raised_ey
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Stockton looked really old fashioned all his career, Steve Nash looks new fashioned...sorta.
yes,next season he will
At this point in time, no. He doesn't have the supporting crew that Chauncey Billups has. With Stoudemire out, only Marion is putting up the big numbers. His other teammates, Diaw, Thomas, and Burke, are decent players but not championship material. When Stoudemire comes back, they will be back at the top but without a second defensive specialist, they don't have the defense to win it all. (EX:last year) 62 wins only because they could put up 120 points easily. Once they got to San Antonio, their offense was shut down and were nearly swept.
Within the next few years he can.
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