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People need to watch game film of Wilt playing the Celtics, which he did a number of times per season. Russell would be behind him, somebody would be fronting him, and another would be looming, ready to drop down - with no illegal defense. Watch the holding, pushing and so on that go on, though sometimes it's tough. The problem is that much of his early years aren't on film, or the film is lost. Players of his era freely admit that they got away with things that nobody could dream of today, that make hand-checking seem like matador defense. Watching Wilt's early years, he was an insanely gifted athlete, who would've been dominant in any era of the game. He was phenomenally strong, jumped higher than any center has a right to, and was all around an agile athlete. His reflexes were also well above average. But people believe what they see, and the insane hype-machine that tells us that one-dimensional stars of today are the equals of all-time greats all mess around with that.
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