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Shadyballa8D13 said:
Why does everyone disrespect Wilt's era of basketball? Almost every fan I know says that Wilt's era of basketball sucked and thats why his statistics were so amazing. They say that he couldn't have accomplished any of that stuff if he was in this era, or if he was a guard.

Surely he had some competition excluding Bill Russell. I know he was much taller than most NBA players back then, but so is Yao, and he hasn't been dominating until just recently.

Does anyone have any points proving that Wilt's Era of the NBA was respectable?
Wilt's era of basketball is disrespected because of Wilt.

You don't hear people saying Cousy's assist numbers are bloated due to pace.
You don't hear poeple saying Oscar's triple doubles were products of his era.
It's just Wilt.

I guess it's the way people deal with Wilts achievments: they are so mind-boggling that the only way some people can deal with them is by blaming the era in wich he played. And it's a double standard, really: you will never hear people criticise Jordan's 35+ppg seasons with the fact that he didn't have to face zone defenses, that perimeter players scored regularly in the .500FG%s, etc., ect.. Strange, in fact.
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