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Windows 10 Key Code Windows 10 has not escaped trouble over the updates. If you installed the update KB4541335 that Microsoft released two weeks ago you may have encountered blue screens a drop in machine performance or even a stuck PC at startup. If so rest assured: you are not alone. Until Microsoft releases a patch uninstalling the update is required.

The latest cumulative update for Windows 10 known as KB4541335 causes a lot of trouble for some of its users. On the Microsoft forum Windows 10 Home Product Key they report having encountered blue screens of death (BSOD) a PC that does not want to start any more or serious slowdowns in use. One internet user explains the setbacks encountered following the update: "I read that this update was supposed to be optional but mine was installed anyway. My laptop became very unstable and took a long time to open the programs. Navigation has also become very slow. Finally I uninstalled it. "

This example is not an isolated case. Many examples of this type are currently available on the Microsoft forum and on Reddit. The update would also crash and restart the PC after a few minutes as this other user explains. Finally in one of them the blue screen seems to appear when playing a YouTube video in Chrome.

For our part we carried out the update in question on one of the workstations and did not encounter any problems. However confinement requires we could not perform the update on all of the editorial machines as we usually do.

This is not the first time that Windows 10 has paid the price for major bugs following an update. Last February it was update KB4532695 which caused a BSOD in certain users. In March patch KB4535996 also caused blue screens as well as a machine lockup in some (rare) cases. Microsoft has always provided a solution by distributing a patch in the days or weeks that followed depending on the severity of the bug.

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